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31 May – 2 June 2024
Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC 2)

26 July – 28 July 2024
Kyalami International Convention Centre

Some of the world’s leading proponents of a plant based and vegan lifestyle will be taking part in the Festive Vegan and Plant Powered Show (FVPPS), which takes place online on Saturday, November 28.

There are a host of experts who will be participating in The Proveg SA Plant Power Talks – in association with Wellness Warehouse – who will be speaking on current and pertinent topics for those currently following a plant-based diet or those looking for a more healthy and conscious living lifestyle.

The full list of speakers and the topics that they will be covering at the FVPPS are:

Donovan Will
Donovan Will is the director of ProVeg South Africa, the local chapter of ProVeg International, a leading international food awareness organisation working to promote plant-based food options across four continents. He is also a thought leader and public speaker in the plant-based food sector and vegan movement; passionate about plant-based food and the vegan lifestyle, with specific interest in strategy, institutional and corporate engagement, product and menu consulting, marcomms, community and network building, effective altruism and effective advocacy.
Topic: Together with Kate Aitken (see below) he will be giving an introduction into living life well and why they are passionate about what they do.

Justin Smith
Justin Smith joined WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in October 2017 to head up business development, marketing and fundraising. Smith has spent the past 17 years leading corporate sustainability functions, first at Standard Bank and Nedbank and most recently at Woolworths Holdings.
Topic: Planet-based diets – how dietary shifts can bend the curve on the negative impacts of the food system, moving from exploiting to restoring nature.

Kate Aitken
Kate Aitken is the marketing manager at Wellness Warehouse, as well as an internationally accredited health coach, and a passionate wellness advocate who believes that the key to living life well is in supporting innate wellbeing through food and lifestyle choices.
Topic: Together with Donovan Will (see above) she will be giving an introduction into living life well and why they are passionate about what they do.

Lucy Bartholomew
Australian Lucy Bartholomew (24) is a professional endurance trail runner, a nature lover and a plant muncher. She ran her first 100km at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since, travelling the world, connecting with people and experiencing cultures.
Topic: Being a plant powered international super athlete
I want to talk about how being an athlete and eating well is important but being a human and eating well is more important. I want to share my ‘why’ in this sport, my ‘why’ in this lifestyle and a little bit of ‘how’ along the way too.

Mia Smith
Mia Smith is a registered dietitian (BSc Medical Science Honours from UCT) consulting at The Green Dietitian and is passionate about nutrition and loves all things plant based! “I love cooking and especially experimenting with new plant-based recipes. Travel is another one of my passions and it’s so interesting to me to experience a place through their cuisine.”
Demonstration: Spiced chai vegan eggnog as well as rooibos red cappuccino, fresh red iced tea, iced chai latte superfood lattes.

Sharni Quinn
Sharni Quinn is an international yoga teacher, life coach, author, motivational speaker, businesswomen and free spirit who now lives in Bali. Quinn believes that every human is meant to shine, to live their best life and to share their light. She is an authority on the subject of wellbeing through natural healing, and especially on the subject of life transformation.
Topic: Living the Plant-based Lifestyle: Inspiration for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and happiness.
Quinn will take visitors through simple steps on how to implement plant-based living into everyday life. Discover how eating plant-based food not only affects your physical health in radically positive ways but shifts your mental, emotional and spiritual state as well. This easy-to-watch video – filmed in beautiful Bali – will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to live the plant-based lifestyle and enjoy the excellent benefits along the way!

Dr Yesheen Singh
Dr Yesheen Singh is a medical doctor with a passion for the medicinal benefits of eating well. ‘Food as medicine’ has become a personal mantra that he lives by and the impacts of lifestyle and nutrition on epigenetics and health are ongoing fields of interest to him. He holds additional qualifications in business and entrepreneurship (MBA) and public health (MPH) from UCT. He follows a plant-based lifestyle and is an avid yoga practitioner, ocean swimmer and mountain hiker.
Topic: Veganism/plant-based eating and wellbeing from a medical perspective

As well as the expert speakers, local and international chefs appearing at the show are (in alphabetical order):

Chris Erasmus – owner and executive chef of Foliage
Dion Vengatass – Violet by Vengatass; South African Culinary Olympic team captain.
Elisha Madzivadondo – Sunshine Food Co’s founder and microgreen farmer
Gaz Oakley – aka the UK’s Avant-Garde Vegan.
Hope Mdakane – winner of the SA Chefs Association/Festive Vegan & Plant Powered Show competition
Jason Kosmas – head chef of The Pot Luck Club
Jay McNamara – aka Chef Jay Mac of The Kind Kitchen
Jenny Morris – aka The Giggling Gourmet, radio and TV personality and chef
Luke Dale Roberts – award-winning chef and owner of The Test Kitchen among other restaurants
Mia Smith – aka The Green Dietitian
Mishkah Gool –in-house chef, brand ambassador and content creator for B-WELL
Nicola Kagoro – aka Chef Cola, at the helm of African Vegan on a Budget
Peter Lebese – aka Thee Gintleman, beverage designer and entertainer
Simon Toohey –MasterChef Australia contestant

The FVPPS is bringing revolutionary changes to the traditional food and trade show exhibition format. The six-hour event, being held on Saturday, November 28 from 11:00 to 17:00, will be an online interactive event and is a precursor to next year’s Vegan & Plant Powered Shows (VPPS), scheduled to take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

This not-to-be-missed one-day visual experience will allow visitors to meet some big name local and international chefs and discover products and services in an entertaining, engaging and informative way. The FVPPS will also play host to a wide range of plant-based food and lifestyle brands which will be featured in a virtual expo area and visitors to the show will be able to interact with exhibitors and make purchases.

The FVPPS is not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also flexitarians, reducetarians, sports enthusiasts, individuals who have compromised their health and those looking for healthier and more ethical lifestyle choices for themselves and their family.

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